Andre Schiavone, the actor behind Allen Gear

Allen Gear was a minor character in the first season of Heroes The Next Generation Season 1. He was Good friends with Phil Washington, Jesse Williams, and Chase Smith. He was killed by Edward P. Click at the end of Genesis. Allen was an evolved human with the evolved ability of Telekinesis

Evolved Human AbilitesEdit

Allen was an evolved human with the evolved human abiltiy of Telekinesis. Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the mind. He seemed poor control of his abiltiy as he was only able to defend himself from Edward by chocking him for about five seconds untill he lost his telekinectic grip.

History in Season OneEdit

Episode One - GenesisEdit

Allen first appears in Genesis when Phil enter's his basement to hang out with him. He is revealed to be a comic book fan and is an advid eater or cookies and chips. When Phil asked him about his theory about having strange feeling like he needed to save the world or something Allen replied that he thought Phil was reading to many comic books. He also convinced that Phil was like a drama queen to him at times. After Phil leaves Allen is confronted by Edward P. Sylar. He then is slashed down by Edward's knife to the couch, and after failing to defend himself from Edward using his evolved human ability of Telekinesis, he was approached by Edward with his knife. He is heard screaming, and it is assumed he is dead and Edward has taken his ability.

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