Chase Smith is one of the main characters in Heroes The Next Generation. He is
Tom B

Thomas Breitenstein, the actor behind Chase Williams

good friends with Phil Washington and Jesse Williams. Chase is a evolved human with the ability of Sound Manipulatio

Evolved Human AbilitiesEdit

Chase Smith is a Evolved Human with an Evolved Human Ability. He has the Evolved Human ability of Sound Manipulation. Chase is able to create high levels of sound waves through screaming outload. These high levels are enough to hurt one's ear and stunning them, blow papers and such away, and knock people off their feet.

Season One HistoryEdit

Episode One - GenesisEdit

Chase is seen in Allen's basement with Jesse Williams hanging out with him when Phil walks in. When Jesse reveals to Phil that he and chase where just returning comic books they borrowed from Allen and they weren't feeling well enough to hang out, Chase said he would Facebook chat Phil later. He is seen leaving with Jesse afterward.

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