Edward P. Click is the main antagionist of Heroes The Next Generation. He is an

William Kinney, the actor behind Edward P. Click

evolved human with the natural power of Intuitive Aptitude. He also uses his natural abilites to cut into other evolved human's brains to take their abilities

Evolved Human AbilitesEdit

Edward P. Click has the ability of Intuitive Aptitude. Intuitive aptitude is the ability to understand the structure and operation of complex systems without special education or training. However, it also compels the holder to understand as much as they can, resulting in a "hunger" which can manifest a need to understand, which often causes Edward to kill other evolved humans and acquire their abilities

Acquired Abilites (Stolen Abilites)Edit

Clairsentience by Kelly Deck (Before Genesis, Unknown)

Enhanced Hearing by Samuel Rollin(Before Genesis, Unknown)

Freezing by Arnold Strong (Before Genesis, Unknown)

Telekinesis by Allen Gear (Genesis)


Edward's middle name, Pual, is a reference to Pual E. Sylar, which was the cancelled primary antagionist of Heroes revealed in the 72 minute un-aired Pilot episode. And as you could see, Edward's name comes from Pual E. Sylar's middle name, which is Edward, so you can see they are connected in many ways.

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