Evolved Human Abilities are powers the main characters have been granted through birth. Evolved Human Abilities usually manifest through teen years

Known Evolved Human AbilitiesEdit

Emphatic Mimicry - Phil Washinton

Space-Time Manipulation - Jesse Williams

Sound Manipulation = Chase Smith

Plant Manipulation - Ryan Oakley

Intutitive Aptitude - Edward Click

Telepathy - Jim Simmons

Invisibility - Joe Cloud

Shattering - Ted Kline

Sedation - Tom Dean

Fear Manipulation - Liam Jones

Telekinesis - Allen Gear

Mental Manipulation - Gordon Juniors

Rapid Cell Regeneration - Lou Daniels

Enhanced Strength - Dennis Ficher

Super Speed - Jed Burns

Accelerated Probability - Unknown Source

Clairsentiehce - Unknown Source

Enhanced Hearing - Unknown Source

Activation and Deactivation - Unknown Source

Danger Sensing - Unknown Source

Electronic Commiunication - Unknown Source

Impenetrable Skin - Unknown Source

Lie Detection - Unknown Source

Mediumship - Unknown Source

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