Jack Prochner, the actor behind Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams is one of the main characters of the new Youtube show, Heroes The Next Generaton. He is a good friend of Phil Washington and Chase Smith. He is an evolved human with the ability of Space-Time Manipulation and usually weilds a sword in comba

Evolved Human AbilitiesEdit

Jesse is an evolved human. He has the evolved human ability of Space-Time Manipulation. The power of this ability includes -

1. Teleportation - Teleporting through time and space to various destinations at will

2. Slowing down or Speeding Up Time - Able to speed up the process of something or slow it down at will

3. Time Travel - Able to travel through the fabric of time and space

Season One HistoryEdit

Episode One - GenesisEdit

Jesse is first seen in Allen's basement with Chase Smith hanging out with him as phil walks in. He reveeals that him and Chase just came by to return some comics they borrowed from Allen, and they weren't really feeling well enough to hang Out. After Jesse says that, him and Chase exit Allen's home

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