Phil Washington (potrayed by Mark Cavalaro) is the main character of Heroes The Next Generation. He is a evolved human with the ability of Emphatic Mimicry

Evolved Human AbilIitesEdit

Phil is an evolved human with an evolved human ability. His evolved human ability is emphatic mimicry. Emphatic Mimicry is the ability to mimic, or absorb, other abilities from other evolved humans through empathy. When he mimics abilites nothing happens to the original person with the ability and they don't feel a thing. Phil's ability is like a sponge. When it comes into contact with evolved human abilities, which would be like water, it absorbs it. It is unknown how much his power could absorb

Abilites MimickedEdit

Telpathy from Jim Simmons (Genesis)

Telekinesis from Allen Gear (Geneisis)

Space-Time Manipulation from Jesse Williams (Genesis)

Sound Manipulation from Chase Smith (Genesis)

Season One HistoryEdit

Episode One - GenesisEdit

Phil is first seen in Gensis waking up in his bed. He then washes his face and continues to his friend's Allen's house. When walking down the street, he bumps into a stranger, who is Joe Simmons, and he mimicks his ability of Telepathy. He then gets to Dillions House, enters, and mimicks Jesse William's ability, Chase William's ability, and Allen Gear's ability. He then leaves Allen's house shortley before his death. He then is later seen in his basement talking to a bank teller about a loan from the bank. After a heated argument, Phil accidently uses his mimicked power of Chase's Sound Manipulation and blast his phone against the wall. He is then last seen in the episode looking over his phone in shock.

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