Phil Washington (Future) (potrayed by Mr. Fiore) is a minor character in Heroes The Next Generation through out the shows season. In the future he is good friends with Jesse Williams, and Chase Smith. He is an evolved human with the evolved human ability of Emphatic Mimicry

Evolved Human AbilitiesEdit

Phil is an evolved human with an evolved human ability. His evolved human ability is emphatic mimicry. Emphatic Mimicry is the ability to mimic, or absorb, other abilities from other evolved humans through empathy. When he mimics abilites nothing happens to the original person with the ability and they don't feel a thing. Phil's ability is like a sponge. When it comes into contact with evolved human abilities, which would be like water, it absorbs it. It is unknown how much his power could absorb

Season One HistoryEdit

Future Phil hasn't appeared in any episodes yet

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